Where Angles Fear to Tread

May 6, 2010


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In anticipation of 10pm, some possibly results:

  • Labour Majority – highly unlikely – Brown stays in number 10 (for about 2 weeks) and is then kicked out. New election follows shortly.
  • Large Conservative Majority – as ‘slightly’ right-wing let’s hope. Hopefully Cameron recalls the difficult decisions made in the 80s and repeats most of them.
  • Small Conservative Majority – Highly likely and potential problems associated with this with some of the more ‘extreme’ elements of the Tory party holding sway over the rest of the party.
  • Small Conservative Minority – Highly likely and very risky with the potential small parties having says. New election shortly after May.
  • Conservative Minority + Lib Dems – Likely with Clegg in the lead. Could go horribly wrong, or gorgeously right.
  • Labour Minority + Lib Dems – Aaargh…! Disaster much in the scale of Greece (not quite that bad). Highly unlikely and if Clegg decides to join Labour there will be no Brown, and another election before November 2010.

Right Angle

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  1. #2 FTW!

    Fingers crossed anyway.

    I can’t stay up tonight, so I’m off and will wake up tomorrow under glorious new leadership. That’s the plan anyway… Happy election nighting.

    Comment by A Cute Angle — May 6, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

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