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May 7, 2010

A night of the election

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So the night is over, but there is no result as yet. Conservatives are clearly the largest party but need a miracle in the last 43 seats to gain a majority. Labour a distant second and Lib Dems a very distant third.
What are the options available to the politicians?

  • Firstly Gordon Brown has to see if he can form a government. Even Labour + Lib Dem doesn’t reach the 326 / 324 required number, and not a lot more than the Conservatives. As such I can’t see this lasting
  • Gordon Brown could do a minority government with Labour and hope that the Conservatives can’t block the Queen’s speech – which they would very likely do
  • Gordon Brown resigns and David Cameron runs a minority government. With Sein Fein not coming to Westminster and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists (9 seats) have said they won’t vote on purely England issues, this could work although it would require back room deals and horse trading every step of the way.
  • Cameron and Clegg join to create a collation. Whilst many think Con & Lib are a distant apart on policies, I think many of the Lib Dem voters are close to the Conservative opinion – ala South West and South East. What would Cameron have to give Clegg in return – a change in voting system, a senior position for Clegg & Cable, and reform of the Lords. He could probably just offer the last two and get support for 3 years or so – just enough to overcome the crisis.

However, we won’t know for some time, as there are 43 seats left, 1 of which will vote in a month due to the death of a candidate, and the counting in some of the other postponed until midday to give the team of counters a rest.

Right Angle.

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