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May 7, 2010

What will Clegg ask for / get?

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Clegg has issued a statement saying that he will speak to Conservatives before speaking to Labour as Conservatives have the popular vote and most MPs. Cameron has issued a corresponding statement saying that he will respond to the Clegg statement at 2:30pm.

It looks as if there are discussions between LibDem and Conservative. However, what are the options in a case like this? Well as per my previous blog the LibDem & Conservative alliance is not as strange as it first seems. What does Clegg want: Positions in the cabinet to bring about legitimacy to LibDems. Ideally he’ll want Chancellor for Vince and something high up for him, but this will be difficult to get. Perhaps Cameron can agree to bring in Ken Clarke as part of a ‘team’ on the economy led by George Osbourne with Clarke & Cable as senior advisors. Clegg can be given envioronment, or electoral reform – certainly not foreign secretary.

Clegg will also want electoral reform. It appears that Labour would offer an alternative voting system. Do the Conservatives also need to offer this? – not necessarily. Reform of the Lords with a fully elected (or 80% elected) house using full PR. This will give the LibDems quite a substantial level of power, and allow the Conservatives to retain ‘first past the post’.

We’ll have to see, but I think that Cameron can offer Clegg less than Brown would as Lab/Lib won’t have a majority and Clegg would risk political back-lash if there was a Lab/Lib government which didn’t last long and have another election shortly. In this case, I could see Clegg losing many more seats, as people move to the main two parties.

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