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November 3, 2010

Could a Write-In succeed?

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Alaskan polls have closed and there is an interesting side-line to the election here. The race is between 3 candidates (only 2 of whom appear on the ballot paper). In the US it is possible to write a person’s name on the ballot paper if you don’t wish to vote for the candidates available. The reason for this?

Sarah Palin backed Joe Miller (Rep) against Lisa Murkowski (Rep) in the primaries and won, despite Ms Murkowski being the incumbent. As such she (Murkowski) ask the voters to write her name on the ballot paper. With polls closed and with only a small number of votes counted, there are already 27,000 write-ins – putting Murkowski in the lead. However, the number counted is very low but the Write-In could work! History in the making.

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An Angle in Trouble?

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Not a blogging Angle, but Sharron Angle (Rep – Tea Party) appears to have lost her race for the Senate seat of Nevada against incumbent Harry Reid (Dem). Only a few weeks ago Sharron Angle looked like she would win, and New York Times are reporting that she was 85% likely to win the seat.

Many commentators appear to have a common view that Ms Angle ran a bad campaign.

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Republicans Gain the House

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As expected the Republicans have now reached +44 seats in the House which means that (baring a miracle / disaster) they will regain the House. The Republicans now have to work with the President and the Senate (as the Republicans appear to have failed to gain the Senate) and share some of the blame if the next two years don’t go well. Of course, if there is an improvement in the US economy (which seems likely) then the Republicans can share some of the successes.

Meanwhile in the Senate in California, Carly Fiorina (Rep) has been beaten by Barbara Boxer (Dem) despite spending over US$5m to win the primary and more on the election. And the Governorship has gone to Jerry Brown (Dem) over Meg Whitman (Rep) who used to run Ebay, and spent over US$130m of her own money (more than spent in the UK elections last time). How this amount can be spent is anyone’s guess, but California is estimated to be the 8th largest economy in the world so the power available in this is potentially indescribable! Much more likely we will not see a large difference at this side of the pond, but Jerry Brown needs to recover from a very large budget deficit.

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US Mid-Term 10pm

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The polls close in California in 8 minutes and already results are pouring in. So far we have the following:

House +12 Republicans (Changing hands to Republicans: Virginia 2, 5, 9; Indiana 8,9; Tennessee 4,6,8; Florida 2,8&24; New Hampshire 1; Texas 17; Changing hands to Democrats: Delaware 1)

Senate +2 Republicans – Arkansas – John Boozman; Indiana – Daniel Coats

The House seats being gained are, in the main, historic Republican seats which were lost two years ago or during the Bush administration. However, the Republicans have gained Virginia 9th (west Virginia) from Rick Boucher who has been in the House for 14 terms (28 years!)

Meanwhile the Governorships are also up for grabs and the Republicans have gained 2 states – Kansas (Jerry Moran) and Tennessee (Bill Haslam).

Too early to tell what will happen but with the results in Virginia the night could be very bad for the President in the House, whilst he will retain the Senate.

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November 2, 2010

US Mid-Terms 2010

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Obama came to the presidential seat with a majority in the Senate and House in 2008, and has enjoyed the support of his party during this rare time. However, the Mid-Terms are now upon us and the president may be having to accept a bloody nose as 37 senate seats are up for election, the entire house, and 37 governorships.
What will happen is anyone’s guess (although there is appears to be a belief amongst the masses that the senate will remain with the democrats, and the republicans will take the house).

I will also be tweeting my thoughts throughout the process (and have tomorrow off work to catch up on the results) with the tag #usmt10. The ‘official’ tag is #election which is about as useless as you can get (no year or country listed!). Ah well.

Back to various elements of the web for up-to-date information on this side of the pond.

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