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November 7, 2012

An End to Another Night

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So it’s 7am (GMT) and I’ve been awake for 25 hours, so am getting a little less coherent than I would otherwise be.
Obama has won (303-206 with Florida still to be decided), and is giving his second presidential victory speech. Vitriolic and self-aggrandising, but this is only to be expected so it is difficult to criticise to heartily. He currently has 49.6% of the popular vote as well, so the Republicans, under Romney, have been resoundly beaten.

In the other elections, the Democrats have retained the Senate (51+1 independent), but have failed in the attempt to get a super majority. And the Republicans have held the house (222 with 53 to be decided). So in summary, after a day of voting, and a night of counting (or just guessing really), nothing has changed in the setup of the US government system, and it is difficult to see how much work can be done with all three areas of the legislature competing against each other. We’ll have to see if Obama really can ‘Lead as [the] President’.

— Right Angle


Looks Like That’s It

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… Obama needs Colorado and Nevada to win and some companies are declaring the win as with Obama!

And whilst I type BBC/ABC have declared Ohio as Obama which means he wins (pending the minor inconvenience of counting the votes of course).

So it looks like Obama has another mandate for another 4 years to continue not dealing with the problems of America. Hmmmm!

The real question is who / what type of Republican will be put forward in 4 years time. If they lurch (further) to the right this could get frightening!!

— Right Angle.

Yup, all over

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And with Ohio called for Obama, that’s the win. All that’s left is to determine the scale of the victory (plus you know, the Senate, the House, some Governors and an assortment of referenda).

UPDATE: Obama Pinboard Victory

All Over?

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So far, we’ve had five swing state results, and all have gone to Obama. Romney’s position looks precarious:


(Remember, a candidate wins when the has no pins left remaining on the left hand board)

The NYT Scenario-matic has 10 Romney win paths remaining (counting the tie), but he needs more or less everything else, and that’s not looking likely.

(Odds update – to win: Obama 1.02, Romney 38 (the market on Romney is very thin))

Falling down the Rabbit Hole

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Options rapidly disappearing for a Romney win. He needs Florida, Ohio and more to get out of this now, so we could be in for a concession and not a long drawn out legal process.

172 (Obama) v 163 (Romney) without California.
The Senate race is also going badly for the Republicans as they have lost 3 seats so far – Indiana, Mass., and Maine (to an independent former Governor).

— Right Angle

Two Target States Down

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Obama has won 2 target states – Pennsylvania (20) and Michigan (18). This is huge and leaves Romney needing Florida and Ohio (and others). This could still go down to legal challenges so it’s far from over but it’s becoming difficult for the Republicans at the moment.
Biggest state is still to call but if they don’t immediately call California for Obama, I’ll fall off the chair!

Currently 153 (Romney) v 143 (Obama), with a target of 270.

— Right Angle

Graphics Update

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We’ve reached a brief lull in BBC coverage, as Dimbles resupplies on gin, and Vine stands behind a series of identical bar charts, so clearly it is time for another outing from our graphics department:


As you can see, both have picked up about the same number of electoral college votes, all from ‘safe’ states. We are roughly no closer to an answer than we were at the start of the evening.

Neck & Neck…

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… but no swing states yet.

Obama 77 – Vermont; Maryland; Mass; Illinois; Rhode Island; Maine (State); DC; Delaware; Connecticut & New Jersey

Romney 76 – Indiana; Kentucky; West Virginia; South Carolina; Oklahoma; Georgia; Alabama; & Tennessee

Still a lot to play for although the bookies are strongly backing Obama, which may be a little optimistic with Florida; Ohio an Virginia still in play.

— Right Angle

Bad news for Romney?

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As well as the usual BBC Bio-Dimbleby coverage, I’m keeping half an eye on what th crowds are making of hints (by way of the Betfair Next President market), and Romney has slipped from ~5.1 to 6.4.

A few states in

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A few obvious states being called give Romney an early (and irrelevant lead at the moment) 33-3

Romney: Indiana (11); Kentucky (8); West Virginia (5); South Carolina (9)

Obama: Vermont (3).

No panic for Obama yet.

—- Right Angle

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