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May 8, 2015

Tory majority government 

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A bit of a lull in the updates there, got distracted…


Conservative majority

Last few seats to declare, but that’s the magic 326. 


4:30, and the results are flooding in

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New photo:


04:30 update

Collecting winners in blocks of 5 and 10 to make space. Lib Dems looking awfully alone on the end there. 

Your 3am graphics update

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Now with almost 100 results!


3am update

Parties that don’t take their seats indicated by sticking them in the middle.  

May 7, 2015

General election from across the pond

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I’m covering the results from the USA today on a hudl, so forgive the slow updates. Sunderland have declared (labour) by 11pm. And the exit polls don’t know what will happen. As expected this is going to be very difficult to be able to comment on. ¬†No doubt the journalists will try though

Right Angle

And now over to our graphics department

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We Angles don’t have quite the budget to pull off a Vine-esque green screen cave. Things are a little more analogue here…

(After 1 result) 

Exits are in

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An interesting set of exit poll predictions, and it looks like a good night for the Tories, and an interesting few days for the Lib Dems, who will be mBoth massively hammered and yet still hold the balance of power. Having said that, this is a damned hard election to predict, with the rise of the minor parties and FPTP creaking at the seams. Stay tuned. 

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