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April 26, 2016

Doctor’s on strike (again)

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For those across the pond they may wish to skip this, but in England (not Scotland & Wales) junior doctors are just finishing their first day of a strike.

I have posted on twitter to see how many responses I get, as I imagine a large number of poor thought out comments will come my way – we shall see.

However, in the interim I would ask the Junior Doctor’s to consider what they have been offered against what almost all people in the UK currently have. They are qualified to the same level of many people in the UK (A Level > Degree > Post Graduate training) and yet they have superb hourly salaries, and pensions which are paid for out of general taxation which most taxpayers can never expect to get anywhere near.

I’ll not repeat their arguments, or those of the government here as they are well rehearsed with lies, politics and statistics on both sides. However I would ask them to consider the people who work hard (certainly as hard as them) to look after their families and pay their taxes to fund the NHS.

We need a re-assessment of the value of the service being offered, and the skills required to provide it without the history of doctors ‘value’ and ‘worth’ behind it. It is time to pause, take stock and make a change. I believe that the government are making an effort to do this and that the BMA have made only limited movements towards what was requested by the public by voting in the Conservative government (namely a 7 day NHS).

It is an unfortunate fact of working in the public service that sometimes elections affect you, but that doesn’t mean that they are fundamentally wrong.

In the meantime, I’ll wait for the twitter responses.

– Right Angle


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