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June 20, 2016

It’s a wonder anyone will vote!

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I have started writing a ‘why I am voting to leave’ a few times now, but the blog entry always turns into something else. So – negative campaigning:

The campaign itself has been bloody with neither side playing by Queensbury rules! The £9M government leaflet for the remain side before the start of Purdah and the claim that “Families would be £4,300 worse off [in the event of Brexit]” were not the most civil of starts. Then the Leave Campaign led with the £350M per week claim (which I hope we all know is wrong) and UKIP have decided to go full on anti-immigration.

It could – and should – have been so much better. The Conservative manifesto (for May 2015 election) promised:

“We will press for lower EU spending, further reform of the Common Agricultural Policy [CAP] and Structural Funds, and for EU money to be focused on jobs and growth.”

Cameron promised to go to the EU and obtain meaningful reform. Having set himself a target of months in the middle of migrant ‘crisis’ and the troubles in Greece this seemed overly optimistic. However, the EU gave him some promise of reform (which they can legally revoke but they never will) but nothing to the level of what he promised to request in the manifesto. Cameron and the EU could have taken another 6 months to negotiate meaningful reform but they didn’t.

This left the Remain campaign unable to campaign on a positive note. Most of the people backing the EU have been decent enough to admit that the EU is not perfect and that change and reform is necessary for it to continue. As such a positive campaign on the benefits of the EU was difficult for the Remain campaign. However as they started before the official starting pistol (start of Purdah) it was beholden on them to start well. They didn’t… and we all see what we’ve got.

The Leave campaign could have and should have risen above it, but unfortunately history has shown that if one campaign turns dirty and negative and other one has to as well – and so we get the £350M claim, again, and again, and again (like GroundHog Day) despite the fact that it (like the £4,300 claim from Remain) is totally untrue. The media are to blame for this to a large extent, but the British electorate also must take the blame – we ask for positive elections and then vote for the party which plays dirty and negative… and we buy papers, and click on links with sensationalist headlines!!

So in summary – we’re all to blame and we get the politicans and leaders we deserve.



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