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June 24, 2016

Vote to Leave

Filed under: Politics, UK Politics — Right Angle @ 5:45 am

Vote to leave declared the winner as Remain vote can no longer catch them. It look likely that Leave will win by over 1M votes but only 52/48 (4 percentage points). This will of course cause a number of things to happen.

The international markets, banking industry, and stock markets will definitely take a tumble. This could be short or longer, but won’t recover by Monday! Short is measured in months. If you have investments, savings, mortgages it may be best to leave everything where it is for a while. During periods of uncertainty this services / products tend to get more expensive.

Scotland will ask for an independance referedum which would seem difficult to say no to – although the timing would need to be agreed. In two referedums the Scots have voted to: Remain in the UK in the EU; and stay in the EU with the UK. There is no guarantee that they would vote for leave UK, possibly enter the EU (as they would not be certain of being allowed in – this would depend on the rest of the EU). The also held the first referendum when Oil was worth a lot more than it is now.

Republicans in Northern Ireland seem to want a vote on joining the Irish Republic which they would almost certainly never win. However it may be wise to revisit the Good Friday Agreement, just to ensure it will legally survive once we leave.

And, we need to invoke article 50 at some time so that we can begin the process to leave.

– Right Angle

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