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June 29, 2016

Corbyn & Labour

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It’s always a risk for a dyed in the wool Tory blue like me to comment on the woes of the other party, but I have reason to do so. Democracy in this country suffers when one party is too strong, or the other too weak (1980s, 2000s are the ones I remember). With the changes in Scotland the Labour party needs to be strong, and hold the Conservative government to account.

They need to co-operate with the SNP on UK issues (not those just affecting England and Wales) where they share a common ground and they need a strong leader and a strong Parlimentary party.

We have a period of change ahead of us, and we need people in parliment who will question the decision of the party in government so that they are forced to remember that there are people in the country who didn’t vote for them. The FPTP system tends to play into the hands of parties forming governments and this is a good thing (in my mind), but both need to be able to participate.

So last night, the PLP (Parlimentary Labour Party) held a vote of no confidence in their leader – Jeremy Corbyn. It is not binding, and does not require him to do anything but a leadership challenge is looking likely. The problem is that Labour party activitists/members (those with the final vote) are being polled as still in strong support of him, so any coup is unlikely to work unless the PLP can keep Corbyn off the list they present to the activists. There is – naturally – differing legal opinion as to whether this is possible.

The real problem for Labour though, is whether Corbyn is electable with or without the support of the PLP. And the honest answer is I don’t know. Many of my friends who have supported Labour in the past say no, but that is a highly unscientific sample.

So just when we need leadership and rigorous checking of government policies and ideas, we have both parties in middle of leadership ‘discussions’.

Right Angle

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  1. From what I can tell both Corbyn and PLP are both correct in their actions. Corbyn is has a mandate to lead Labour from the grass roots that put him in power until they desert him. MPs get a mandate from their constituents to form effective government/opposition. If they think their leader cannot lead they have a duty to raise a no-confidence vote.
    Corbyn needs to actually do some leading, the PLP should demand its leader be effective then get on with being an opposition. If the two sides cannot come together, we’ll just add it to the pile of reasons that we need a unity government.

    Comment by Dobablo — June 29, 2016 @ 6:50 pm

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