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July 11, 2016

May & Eagle appear in July

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Today has definitely been a weird day in UK politics. And that is with the backdrop of the last 18 days since the Brexit vote.

Angela Eagle was preparing for a press conference (well trailed with the press) to declare a challenge to Corbyn, when the Conservative leadership contest between May and Leadsom took a very unexpected turn.

Early this afternoon Leadsom announced she would stand down, with a statement that made it clear no-one else could come back in. Queue confirmation from Gove that he would not contest May’s leadership campaign and the 1922 committee scrabbling for a decision. Cameron has agreed to stand down, and May will start on 13th July (no earlier as the Queen is currently not in residence in London).

This all somewhat overshadowed Eagle’s announcement, but there is much more time to review this later – and there will be complex reviews with Corbyn saying he will on on the ballot and others saying he needs 20% of the MPs to back him first. This could be the start of a breakup of the Labour party, and May must be tempted to call a snap election – although she has said she won’t.

More interesting times are definitely ahead whilst we wait to see when May will activate Article 50, and what Brexit will look like. Will we have a further negotiation and an ‘EU-lite’ to vote on? Who knows, but there will more reason for me to return to this blog in the near future.

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