Where Angles Fear to Tread

November 7, 2016

The night before

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Whilst the world goes to sleep with USA shortly behind, tomorrow the population of a super-power go to the polls. No one could have failed to notice the two candidates although there are a large number of legitimate concerns about both of them.

What would Trump do with the wall, banning of entire religions and withdraw from the world politic? And what would Clinton actually do? So far the major element of her campaign appears to be ‘we’re not Trump.’ Accurate, but hardly helpful to the electorate.

How did a country of 325M people have two so deeply unpopular candidates? And how has Clinton not definitely beaten Trump already given the large disparity in people and money supporting each candidate, and the obvious dislike a lot of people have for Trump? The simplistic answer is that Clinton is just as disliked as Trump, and the promises of the Obama election campaign on 2008 have not been kept. Especially the promises hinted at and never actually formally promised.

So as the polls open (and I am aware they have been open for weeks in some states) the rest of the world holds its breath whilst the last remaining super power makes a difficult / impossible decision. I shall be hoping Clinton wins if only because Trump would be much worse, but it would have been so much better had America managed to provide 2 candidates who could discuss policies and engage with the electorate.


Right Angle


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