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June 8, 2017

An Election of Bad Taste and Bad Memories

Filed under: Politics, UK Politics — Right Angle @ 8:17 pm

The campaigning is over (bar the facebook, YouTube, and Twitter adverts) and BBC has been showing rubbish the whole day, and there is less than one hour to vote… (If you haven’t yet, put down this blog, and vote!)

We already have one result in – the Scottish Episcopal church has voted to allow Gay marriage in their churches. Bravo!

Now we have to wait for 11pm – midnight to hear that Sunderland have voted for Labour, and then wait quite a bit longer for the final result.

The campaign itself has been poor with personal attacks the norm and not policies. Primarily from the Conservatives. Normally a party in government has a track record to fall back on, and the Conservatives have a good record (albeit one that can be a little difficult to understand). Despite insisting that the election was called to give May a mandate for Brexit, this has not been talked about much, and attacks on Corbyn and his team have become common place. Unfortunately, these have been personal attacks as well as attacks on policies (the former being unacceptable, the latter being perfectly fine). Meanwhile SNP are trying desperately not to talk about the 2nd ‘once in a generation’ independance referendum and Labour are failed to explain how they will pay for their election promises (taxing the ‘rich’ and borrowing seems like the key).

I have voted for Conservative again, although I don’t think that will suprise readers of this blog, and I am in South Northamptonshire (Andrea Leadsom) which is one of safest Conservative seats in the country.

A quick break and a nap, and then ready to listen to Sunderland.

(For those non-politics twitter followers, who’ve got this far, (how?!?) I suggest a tour through the highlights of Champions Trophy 2017 on the I-Player. There are 7 games or slightly over 6 hours of great cricket. Stay awake with us and pretend to be a politico!)

-Right Angle


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