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November 9, 2016

First flip of the night

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Ohio flips red, opening up Trumps path to victory, and making things particularly tricky. With Florida looking like it will follow suit, and prediction sites, news orgs and the betting markets are now all expecting a Trump win.

First flip of the night

Trump has more VP cubes, is it enough to overcome HRC’s late high scorers?


A flurry of results

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The first flurry of results are in, so far, not many surprises in the called results.

Now with added numbers

November 8, 2016

Election Graphics Unplugged

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In a return to our usual service Right Angle is back with me here at The Origin, and we are, as is traditional, tracking the night’s excitement on the high-etc laser display boards. Stay tuned for more graphical wonders once the results start coming in.

Kickoff graphics good to go

June 30, 2016

Boris isn’t here anymore

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Today was going to be a review of the runners and riders within the Conversative leadership election. The deadline was 12 noon, and I was already writing the reviews is my head…

So onto number 1, the bookies favourite and joint leader of the Leave campaining – Boris Johnson. He has experience of running a large metropolitan area, led the Leave campaign to victory, left the Mayor seat behind to (one assumes) become PM after Cameron and as such he… isn’t standing…!

And the rest of my article is just shock. I didn’t expect it and don’t really know what to say. So after a long day at work the best approach is to say very little and consider this change in the party.

For completeness the candidates are:

  • Theresa May
  • Michael Gove
  • Stephen Crab
  • Liam Fox
  • Andrea Leadsom

Now the MPs need to reduce this list to 2, and let the Conservative party members decide. It’ll be an interesting few months, and is an issue I will return to in more detail, once I’m over my suprise.

Right Angle

April 26, 2016

Doctor’s on strike (again)

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For those across the pond they may wish to skip this, but in England (not Scotland & Wales) junior doctors are just finishing their first day of a strike.

I have posted on twitter to see how many responses I get, as I imagine a large number of poor thought out comments will come my way – we shall see.

However, in the interim I would ask the Junior Doctor’s to consider what they have been offered against what almost all people in the UK currently have. They are qualified to the same level of many people in the UK (A Level > Degree > Post Graduate training) and yet they have superb hourly salaries, and pensions which are paid for out of general taxation which most taxpayers can never expect to get anywhere near.

I’ll not repeat their arguments, or those of the government here as they are well rehearsed with lies, politics and statistics on both sides. However I would ask them to consider the people who work hard (certainly as hard as them) to look after their families and pay their taxes to fund the NHS.

We need a re-assessment of the value of the service being offered, and the skills required to provide it without the history of doctors ‘value’ and ‘worth’ behind it. It is time to pause, take stock and make a change. I believe that the government are making an effort to do this and that the BMA have made only limited movements towards what was requested by the public by voting in the Conservative government (namely a 7 day NHS).

It is an unfortunate fact of working in the public service that sometimes elections affect you, but that doesn’t mean that they are fundamentally wrong.

In the meantime, I’ll wait for the twitter responses.

– Right Angle

March 3, 2016

That went badly

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… Super Tuesday is over and Hilary Clinton did well (as expected) and looks to now have cemented her Democratic nomination. Not much of a surprise but I have a fear that she is the only one who can’t beat Trump when it comes to polling day.

As a career politician who has been in the public eye for so long, there is a danger that her background (when compared with Trump’s) won’t sit well with the American electorate. Of course the best outcome is still that the Republican delegates realise the danger they are in and elect a moderate candidate. (And I don’t mean Cruz who is almost as bad as Trump and in a normal election would be scarey enough!).

I’m not holding my breath, or hoping much though. So we’re still left with a hope that Clinton will win again, and then get beaten in 4 years to a credible candidate. Not the best of hopes!

Right Angle

May 8, 2015

Tory majority government 

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A bit of a lull in the updates there, got distracted…


Conservative majority

Last few seats to declare, but that’s the magic 326. 

4:30, and the results are flooding in

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New photo:


04:30 update

Collecting winners in blocks of 5 and 10 to make space. Lib Dems looking awfully alone on the end there. 

Your 3am graphics update

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Now with almost 100 results!


3am update

Parties that don’t take their seats indicated by sticking them in the middle.  

May 7, 2015

General election from across the pond

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I’m covering the results from the USA today on a hudl, so forgive the slow updates. Sunderland have declared (labour) by 11pm. And the exit polls don’t know what will happen. As expected this is going to be very difficult to be able to comment on. ¬†No doubt the journalists will try though

Right Angle

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