Where Angles Fear to Tread

November 4, 2008

And so it begins

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It was some point in the wee small hours, I’d long since moved off the ale and on to the scotch, and the great Sir Terry of Wogan was once again decrying the travesty of justice that was the voting system. Eurovision was finally over, and as the merry band of geeks once more gathered around the TV posted their final bloggings and twittered their last tweets, the thought struck me. There’s a US presidential election coming up, I’m probably going to end up watching it anyway, I might as well make a liveblogging out of it. Then I was distracted by the need to show my fellow Eurovisioaries footage of Jeremy Vine’s ‘Ming’s Bling’, and thought no more of it.

Fast forward a few months and a few more gatherings, and between managing a growing European electricity grid, redesigning the London Underground, building a canal grid, designing interplanetary sewerage system deliveries, taking control of western Europe,  settling several atolls of hexagonal islands, saving the world from indescribable horrors that man was not meant to know and finding the holy grail, at some point, the idea resurfaced. I had some holiday that needed using, and I had at least one fellow geek on board. All we needed was somewhere to blog it. And so, Where Angles Fear to Tread was born. Only time will tell if it survives past the next few days, or if anyone will read it.

Wish us luck

– Obtuse Angle


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