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April 25, 2012

Was Miliband right?

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The generally excellent Mr Stephen Tall rather curiously posts a reminder of MiliEd calling for Cable’s head. Granted this was nothing more than brainless reflexive opposition troublemaking[1], but he may well have stumbled onto a good point.

Cast your mind back to when this all began, with Cable’s declaration of war hit the headlines. It was both inevitable and right that he was removed from the Sky decision[2]. Where was Cameron to go from here? Had Cable jumped (or been pushed), his successor would be the logical choice to continue the process. This might well have been another Lib Dem (promoting a Tory to the post would have necessitated a more wide-ranging reshuffle, which there is little sign of Cameron wanting). With Vince still in post, however, the only option was to transfer the responsibility to another department, and where else could that sensibly be but DCMS?

The entire HuntGate kerfuffle could have been avoided, had Ed’s advice been followed on this occasion. Funny old world, government.

[1] As was the wave of predictable calls for the resignation of Jeremy HultureSec. It appears to this angle that the sensible line to take is that these are very serious revelations, and that JH had better give a damn good explanation of what’s been going on, sharpish. The calls for resignation can come when a satisfactory explanation not forthcoming (and time for this is very rapidly running out).

[2] It isn’t that the Telegraph shouldn’t have conducted their sordid sting op, or even that Vince should have kept his trap shut. He shouldn’t have been thinking in terms of being at war with Murdoch.


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