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November 9, 2016

And that’s the win

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After an interminable wait for the ultra-cautious BBC to finally call Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and not until after he has taken to the stage to declare victory, the Beeb finally announce what we have all believed for hours now, Donald Trump is President-Elect of the United States of America.

Wisconsin puts Trump over the 270 finishing line

A bad day for the Dems all round, as the Republicans hold the House and the Senate


Trump wins

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I didn’t think I would be posting that at the beginning of the night, and definitely didn’t expect to be writing it up at 8am after a not-concession / concession from Clinton.

His acceptance speech was normal, before descending into a more rambling end – he needs a good press secretary immediately. He is now going through his crowd thanking his supporters and having photos taken to the tunes of ‘Can’t Always Get What You Want’ which seems a strange victory song.

His White House will also have a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives so it is possible that he will have support to do what he wants and force through legislation. It is possible that the Republican House will try to frustrate him, but after the success of Trump it would be very risky from a personal career point of view as the Tea Party may make them targets in the next 2 years.

Right Angle

Trump very close now

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Trump now has 244 and needs 270 to win – so 26 votes needed.

He’ll win Alaska (3) and should win Arizona (11) so only needs 12 more. Michigan will give it on its own, but he has a lead in Wisconsin (10) and New Hampshire (4).

It’s still close, but very difficult to see how Hillary can get out of this.

Right Angle

Electoral Math(s)

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Ohio is called for Trump (won by Obama in 2012) it is the the first swing state to declare as a change. So we start to look at the electoral maths (or math for our cousins from the US).

Obama won by 126, so if Trump win 63 it will be a tie.

Ohio is 18, the Florida is 29 (Trump is a long way ahead here with 99% counted), this means he needs to find another 16 electoral college votes without losing any of Romney’s states. Where can he can get them from?

Obtuse Angle and I are considering Nevada, Minnesota and Wisconsin but still far too early to call any of these. It’s going to be a long nervous night.

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Still nothing new to report

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Still nothing exceptional to report in terms of states declaring for either candidate.

26 states (including DC and the 4 Nebraskas) and no changes from the Obama / Romney election. Texas is the biggest win for Trump at the moment which at one point in the campaign seemed to be at risk.

Meanwhile the Republicans continue to hold onto their seats in the senate (bar the single loss) and ABC/BBC have declared the House of Representatives for the Republicans. That’ll continue to cause Clinton problems if she wins tonight.

However, eyes are now on North Carolina, Viriginia, Ohio and of course Florida.

Oh – and betfair are now showing 2:1 Clinton:Trump. That’s quite a bit closer than the beginning of the night (6:1)

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All eyes turn to Florida, again

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So no surprise, Florida looks tight, a Trump must win, and squeaky bum time for Team Clinton if they lose it. 

Everyone’s watching Florida’s 29 magic cubes

Early Morning

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Early Morning and nothing really new in the presidential election.

Clinton has New Jersey; Rhode Island; Delaware; Massechuettes; Maryland; Vermont; DC (all held by Obama)

Trump has Indiana, Mississippi; Kentucky; Oklahoma; W Virginia (all won by Romney)

So nothing new at the moment with the votes as 68-37 (C-T).

In the senate race the Republicans are forecast to lose Illinois as the Democrats (Tammy Duckworth) beat a sitting Republican (Mark Kirk) so the Senate could be back in play.

First states called

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The first states have been called, and so far, no surprises. With this news, behold our resultsometer:

Trump takes a not unexpected early lead

November 8, 2016

Election Graphics Unplugged

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In a return to our usual service Right Angle is back with me here at The Origin, and we are, as is traditional, tracking the night’s excitement on the high-etc laser display boards. Stay tuned for more graphical wonders once the results start coming in.

Kickoff graphics good to go

Election Day

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I’m in Kent with my fellow, rarely seen blogger, Obtuse Angle. We will be watching the election live on BBC, NYT, ABC (and all the available web type devices). Including quite possibly a lot of Twitter!

We are approaching polls closing and the very strange American approach of calling results before any counting has taken place in order to get the results by midnight US time. So we are awaiting the result of the first few states (although really Florida being key again). Obtuse Angle has his voting cubes ready and we are calculating the best ways to get 270 electoral votes, and wondering how to get Johnson to win, and would that really be any better.

For the record – and in a change to past elections – I am ‘for’ Hilary Clinton in this election, which really means I can’t believe that the Republicans were stupid enough to vote for Trump when almost anyone at all could have beaten Clinton.

I’ll leave it in peace for a bit, return to Twitter and post more later

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